Reception Areas, Customer Service Counters, Council Chambers & other Areas for the General Public

Outline of the enhanced health and safety controls that must be in place in each of these workplaces and summary of the protocols that will be in place in each environment going forward as a result of COVID-19.


  • Ensure DIN approved disinfectant products are accessible for effective disinfection.
  • Train employees on the proper use of cleaning and disinfectant products.
  • Enhanced cleaning at high-touch areas like doors, door handles, counter tops, shared touch screens and phones.


  • Ensure employees can maintain a physical distance of two metres from others
  • Post signs indicating maximum number of people allowed in smaller spaces
  • Use signage, floor stickers or arrows to direct the flow of traffic
  • Install barriers to counters where the public has access
  • Offer services online where possible to avoid face-to-face interactions


  • Encourage all persons to hand clean on entry and exit of municipal facilities
  • Posted how to posters on hand cleaning and hand sanitizing by Public Health; to encourage good hand hygiene
  • Installed extra hand sanitizers dispensers within facility for ease of access
  • Posted Public Health posters regarding respiratory etiquette; to encourage good respiratory etiquette
  • Place garbage cans at entrances and exits
  • Encourage all person(s) to stay home if ill.



  • As per York Public Health all person(s) in facilities open to the public are required to wear a face covering (this includes all municipal facilities).
  • Staff and person(s) attending meeting are to maintain 2m physical distancing from each other at all times.
  • In the event that physical distancing cannot be maintained (this should ONLY be completed in extenuating circumstance i.e. emergency situation) Staff are required to where face mask (ASTM level 2 minimum) AND eye protection (i.e. face shield, safety glasses, safety goggles)


  • Provide employees with regular updates and information about the COVID-19 situation
  • Share all relevant Standard Operating Procedures, schedules for cleaning and disinfecting, and other key information
  • Post information about physical distancing, good hand hygiene and health screening
  • Share updates from senior management regularly